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What is a Corporate Nutrition Program?
Corporate nutrition programs are programs that are customized for your company employees to educate and assist them to eat better and make healthier lifestyle choices. Business owners and managers know that by providing corporate nutrition programs for their employees, they can reduce absenteeism, lower company costs, and increase productivity. Corporate nutrition programs help workers learn and implement proper eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, reducing the incidence of illness and fatigue among your workforce. Nutrition programs also increase employees’ sense of wellbeing, and makes employees feel valued and appreciated by the company. Studies have demonstrated that workers who enjoy healthier lifestyles also work harder, perform better, and miss work less often. By sponsoring a corporate nutrition program, you will be performing a great service, not only to your company, but also to your staff: encouraging your employees to take charge of their health.
Many companies spend thousands of dollars on employee health expenses. Don’t be one of them! Remember: Preventive care is the best, and cheapest, cure! Don’t let the cost of poor employee health habits fritter away at your profits. Be proactive–invest in preventive health care for your team today!

How can a Corporate Nutrition Program benefit my company?
I can design a customized Corporate Nutrition Program to help your company achieve the following:

  • Decrease health care costs
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase motivation
  • Increase employee retention
  • Elevate employee morale
  • Reduce workplace stress

I offer a variety of customized corporate nutrition programs, depending on the size of your company or group, the group dynamics, and workplace schedule logistics. My customized programs provide an array of services including:

  • Health screenings
  • Individual appraisals and counseling
  • Group classes and “lunch and learn” sessions
  • Nutritional counseling and advice via a company intranet site

I am happy to offer these programs to companies in the greater Toronto area. Please note that your company insurance plan may even cover the program!

When performing in-depth employee counseling, I keep all results confidential, for employee review only.

I can also train groups of employees in proper nutrition and dietary needs for long-term health benefits—for their sake, and your company’s. Topics include:

  • Weight management
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • How to plan nutritious meals
  • Reading and understanding nutrition labels
  • How to eat fast but healthy
  • Illness and disease prevention
  • How to reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other ailments

I will gladly offer health and nutrition tips via your company Intranet. These daily or weekly reminders help your personnel stay focused on their health and nutrition, providing a regular dose of motivation as well a useful advice. I will customize the information to suit your needs. Possible options include:

  • Daily recipes
  • Holiday menus
  • Tips for eating healthy while eating out
  • Healthy snacks
  • Latest health news
  • Tips on how to maintain a healthy weight
  • Tips on how to control high blood pressure, how to lower cholesterol, etc.

If your company is located in or near Toronto, Ontario, feel free to contact Elizabeth Zemelman, Registered Dietitian at (416) 230-3383 to discuss how your organization can save money by improving your employees’ health and fitness, improving staff productivity, and reducing employee absences!